• MR Conditional/CT Electrodes

    Eliminate the need and cost to have staff available to remove and reapply EEG electrodes each time a patient requires MR imaging or CT scan. The MR Conditional/CT Electrodes now allow you to keep these electrodes on your patient while they have a CT scan that produces an artifact free CT image. Learn more about the benefits of using the first FDA cleared Disposable MR Conditional/CT Electrodes.

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  • Disposable PressOn Electrodes

    This innovative electrode provides you and your staff with a viable solution to collect cEEG to provide information about brain function quickly, easily and accurately.

    Learn more about the benefits for the Disposable PressOn Electrode.

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  • 01.06.16

  • Rhythmlink Announces Enhancements to MR Conditional Electrodes

    Rhythmlink announces new enhancements to their MR Conditional/CT Electrodes. The first and only FDA cleared disposable MR Conditional Electrodes on the market can now be left on a patient during a CT scan, producing an artifact free CT image.The MR Conditional/CT Electrodes help eliminate the need a

  • 12.15.15

  • Rhythmlink provides Christmas to a family in need

    Throughout the year, employees at Rhythmlink International, LLC dedicate their time, energy and wealth to multiple service projects. The service projects provide support to organizations that are fully committed to improving and strengthening our communities. One such organization is Families He

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